EEHV Advisory Group

North American EEHV Advisory Group. The NA EEHV Advisory Group was established in 2013.
There are currently 35 Members: 11 Veterinarians, 2 Veterinary Pathologists, 8 Elephant Care Experts, 5 Veterinary Technicians, 3 Virology Experts, 1 Vaccine Expert, 1 Public Relations Expert, 4 International Liasons


As the EEHV Advisory Group, we are driven by a shared purpose to protect elephants from EEHV. We function as a cross-disciplinary husbandry, medicine, research, and outreach team that connects the efforts to prevent elephant deaths from EEHV globally.

Our mission is to be at the forefront of EEHV knowledge, advancing best practices for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EEHV and providing hope and a path forward for elephants and the people who care for them.


EEHV Advisory Group - ZERO Elephant Deaths


EEHV Advisory Group - Strategy


At our core, we value collaboration and the power of collective efforts in addressing the challenges of EEHV. We believe that by working together, sharing experiences, and learning from both successes and failures, we can make a significant impact in the fight against EEHV-HD. Our Advisory Group is driven by the following principles:

EEHV Advisory Group - Guiding Principles

Advisory Group Committees

The North American EEHV Advisory Group accepts applications for new members in the first quarter of each year. More details coming soon.

Request for EEHV Advisory Group Research Support

A letter can be given providing support for the project from the EEHV Advisory Group. This letter of support may signify that the project is feasible, scientifically sound, and aligns with the EEH Advisory Group research priorities. It does not guarantee funding or that samples will be provided.

Instructions for interested researchers to gain EEHV Advisory Group support can be found by clicking the button below.