EEHV Meetings (October 21-25, 2019)

  • 16th International Elephant Conservation & Research Symposium. October 21-25, 2019. Presented by: International Elephant Foundation. Hosted by: Adventures with Elephants.
  • There will be a session on EEHV research, along with a separate EEHV mini-workshop on Thursday. The purpose of the EEHV mini-workshop will be to help form an African EEHV Working Group and will focus on building collaborations and identifying regional needs.

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Upcoming Meetings

  • 4th EEHV Asia Working Group Meeting & Int’l Seminar on EEHV
    28-30th November, 2019; Faculty of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University, Assam, India. For information, please contact Dr. Sonja Luz ([email protected]) and Dr. K.K. Sarma ([email protected])
  • Myanmar Elephant Health Workshop
    16-18 Feb 2020; Myanmar Elephant Hospital (MTE), Myanmar. For information, please contact Dr. Zaw Min Oo [email protected] or Dr. Tierra Smiley Evans [email protected]
  • African Elephant EEHV Workshop
    February 24-26, 2020 – Indianapolis Zoo. The threat of EEHV in African elephants became widely known in 2019. Despite major strides in research and treatment in Asian elephants, much information is needed regarding the impact, treatment and monitoring of EEHV in African elephants. Join the African Elephant EEHV Workshop hosted by the Indianapolis Zoo for the newest information on EEHV research, clinical management, and monitoring. The workshop will include several sessions for institutions with African elephants to collaborate on research, treatment and monitoring protocols. Curators, managers, keepers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, scientists, researchers and conservationists of both Asian and African elephants are welcome. For information, please contact Dr. Jeff Proudfoot ([email protected]).
    We encourage registration by December 31, 2019 to receive the promotional room rate and discount on registration. These dates correspond to a major sporting event held in Indianapolis, so rooms may be limited after December 31. Information and Register here.
  • European EEHV Research Meeting
    18 – 19 May, 2020, Rotterdam Zoo, The Netherlands (Immediately preceding EAZWV Annual Conference at Emmen). For more information, please contact Dr. Willem Schaftenaar ([email protected])

EEVH Meetings (Previous)

  • North American Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) Workshop, Houston Zoo, March 26-28, 2019
  • EEHV Advisory Group Meeting, Aug 12-14, 2018, White Oak Conservation Center, Organizers: Debbie Olson, Lauren Howard, Erin Latimer.

EEVH Meetings (Previous)

  • 3rd annual EEHV Asia Working Group meeting, Thailand, Nov 17-18, 2017. Organizers: EEHV Taskforce Thailand Working Group , Sonja Luz, Supaphen Sripiboon.
  • EEHV Training Workshop. Kasetsart University, Thailand, Nov 13 – 15, 2017. Organizers, Erin Latimer, Supaphen Sripiboon.
  • 11th International Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV) Workshop. May 15-17, 2017, Zoological Society of London (ZSL), London Zoo, London. Organizers: Akbar Dastjerdi, Fieke Molenaar.
  • 2nd annual Southeast Asia EEHV symposium.
  • 15th International Elephant and Rhino Conservation and Research Symposium, Singapore Zoo, Nov 14-18, 2016,
  • 2nd EEHV Advisory Group Meeting (following Annual AAZV/EAZV Meeting: Atlanta GA, July 23, 2016

EEVH Meetings (Previous)

  • 1st Asian EEHV Strategy Meeting, Singapore, Nov 5-7, 2015
  • 10th International Houston Zoo February 17-18, 2015
  • 9th International Houston Zoo January 27-29, 2013
  • 8th Rotterdam, Netherlands October 12, 2011 (in conjunction with IEF)
  • 7th Annual EEHV Workshop Houston Zoo January 24-25, 2011
  • 6th International: St. Louis Zoo December 7-8, 2010
  • 5th International: Houston Zoo: Research Coordination Meeting 1/27/09
  • 4th International: Pattaya, Thailand November 24-26, 2008 (In conjunction with IEF)
  • 3rd International: Orlando, FL November 2007
  • 2nd International: Copenhagen Denmark Oct 19-20, 2006 (In conjunction with IEF Symposium)
  • 1st EEHV Meeting: Houston Zoo September 2005