N. American EEHV Advisory Group


It can only work with the input from active EEHV researchers and clinicians, including but not limited to members of the EEHV Advisory Group. We are grateful to all the busy scientists and veterinarians who have contributed their expertise to the site, and plan to continue to update the content regularly as new discoveries are made.

www.eehvinfo.org is your website and we are willing to consider any relevant submissions that you feel are worthwhile.  Any submissions will be peer reviewed by designated experts in the applicable field.  Contact Jeff Proudfoot for questions or to submit ideas for content.


The mission of the EEHV Advisory Group is to decrease elephant morbidity and mortality due to EEHV while supporting elephant-holding institution programming by:

  1. Disseminating knowledge of current best practices for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EEHV;
  2. Providing private and public elephant-holding facilities with technical assistance; and
  3. Facilitating research by building international collaborations.


elepartnersThe EEHV Advisory Group has set these goals:

  1. Recommend husbandry and veterinary management protocols as they pertain to EEHV
  2. Develop priorities for diagnostic and research goals between the NEHL Consortium and other research labs
  3. Coordinate research sample requests
  4. Provide media assistance
  5. Assist in the identification of necropsy teams as needed
  6. Coordinate EEHV fund-raising
  7. Assist with proposal submissions for EEHV research projects
  8. Proactively provide elephant-holding institutions and the general public with current EEHV information
  • Continuously update information on EEHV Advisory Group website
  • Manage EEHV listserves—one for advisors and one for advisors plus elephant community (elephant managers/keepers, vets, researchers, etc)

To become a member of the eehvinfo.org website and receive the password that allows access to restricted portions of the website, please email

Advisory Group Members  advisor-logoadvisor-logo


Noha Abou-Madi, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
Priya Bapodra, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Sarah Cannizzo, Fort Worth Zoo
Jennifer D’Agostino, Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden
Lauren Howard, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
Christine Molter, Houston Zoo
Kathryn Perrin, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
Jeff Proudfoot, Indianapolis Zoo
Carlos Sanchez, Oregon Zoo
Dennis Schmitt, Reproductive Resources,
– Professor Emeritus, Missouri State University

Veterinary Technicians

Pia Bartolini, Disney Animal Kingdom
Christian Burmeister, St. Louis Zoo
Dianna Lydick. Dallas Zoo
Dewey Maddox, White Oak Conservation Center
Liz McCrae, Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden


Kali Holder, Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute
Jaime Landolfi, University of Illinois Zoological Pathology Program

Elephant Management

Rachel Emory, Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden
Charlie Gray, African Lion Safari
Daryl Hoffman, Pittsburgh Zoo
Nick Newby, White Oak Conservation Center
Katie Pilgram-Kloppe, St. Louis Zoo
Taryn Prosser, African Lion Safari
Kristin Windle, Houston Zoo

Public Relations/Education

Jill Allread, Public Communications, Inc.


Gary Hayward, John Hopkins University
Ramiro Isaza, University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine
Paul Ling, Baylor College of Medicine
Chuck Richardson, Pharmoros Consulting, LLC

International Liaisons

Sonja Luz, Wildlife Reserves Singapore
Willem Schaftenaar, Rotterdam Zoo

Contact information for the EEHV Adv Group members can be found HERE. Please note: Page is restricted access by Members Password.

Executive Committee  committee-icon

The Executive Committee will assist in guiding the direction of this mission.

Priya Bapodra, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium
Gary Hayward, Johns Hopkins University
Daryl Hoffman, Pittsburgh Zoo
Lauren Howard, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance

Erin Latimer, Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute
Paul Ling, Baylor College of Medicine
Deborah Olson, International Elephant Foundation

Current EEHV AG Committee Assignments committee-icon


Chair: Jeff Proudfoot
Vice-Chair: Rachel Emory


Jill Alread
Christian Burmeister
Kali Holder


Chair: Jaime Landolfi
Vice Chair: Carlos Sanchez


Kathryn Perrin
Taryn Prosser
Chuck Richardson

Guidelines / Resources

Chair: Noha Abou-Madi
Vice-Chair: Jennifer D’Agostino
Mgr. EEHV Resource Database:
Liz McCrae


Pia Bartolini
Charlie Gray
Ramiro Isaza
Dewey Maddox
Dennis Schmitt
Kristin Windle

Scientific Program

Chair: Christine Molter
Vice-Chair: Dianna Lydick


Sarah Cannizzo
Katie Pilgram-Kloppe
Nick Newby

Request for EEHV Advisory Group Research Support  committee-icon

Instructions for interested researchers to gain EEHV Advisory Group support can be found HERE. A letter can be given providing support for the project from the EEHV Advisory Group. This letter of support may signify that the project is feasible, scientifically sound, and aligns with the EEH Advisory Group research priorities. It does not guarantee funding or that samples will be provided.

Useful Links  partnersicon2

European EEHV Working Group

Willem Schaftenaar, DVM, [email protected]
Imke Lueders DVM PhD, [email protected]
Fieke Molenaar, DVM, MSc. [email protected]

North American EEHV Advisory Group

Lauren Howard, DVM, [email protected]
Erin Latimer, [email protected]

Asian EEHV Working Group

Sonja Luz, DVM, PhD [email protected]
Chatchote Thitaram, DVM, PhD, [email protected]

African EEHV Working Group

Edgar Simulundu, DVM, PhD, [email protected]

Thailand EEHV Task Force

Supaphen Sripiboon DVM, MSc, PhD [email protected]