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Institut fur Virologie

EEHV Testing at the Institut fur Virologie, Berlin


Contact Information

Dr. Walid Azab / Sebastian Bischofberger
FU Berlin, FB Veterinarmedizin
Zentrum fur Infektionsmedizin
Institut fur Virologie
Raum 261
Robert-von-Ostertag-St. 7-13 14163 Berlin
Tel: +49-30-838 50087/51842


Test Offered


Sample Submission Procedures

For a sick elephant with suspected active EEHV infection, please send 2-5 ml of EDTA-Blood. Refrigerate and ship with a cold packs by overnight courier.

For frozen or fresh pieces of necropsied tissues, including lung, heart, kidney, spleen and liver, please send samples with cold packs by overnight courier in a styrofoam container.

Samples should be accompanied by the EEHV Testing Request Form

For additional information, please contact the laboratory.